Car Oil Types

As a Chevy owner, you are aware that there are many different products that you can buy for your vehicle. One product that you can get for your car to enhance its performance and ensure the health of its engine is motor oil. Choosing the right type of oil is vital for ensuring that the engine stays healthy and your vehicle lasts as long as possible. While getting the right type of oil is key, you'll want to have an expert mechanic help you choose the right one. The optimal engine oil depends on how old your engine and car are, your driving habits, where you live, and more.

Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic engine oil is one of the most expensive types of oil, but it is also one of the most versatile and popular. Synthetic oil is a high-grade oil that enhances your vehicle's performance and provides the engine with a high degree of lubrication. Synthetic oil also helps the engine resist oxidation and thermal breakdown. Using synthetic oil can also reduce sludge accumulation, and it can improve the vehicle's fuel economy. Synthetic oil is generally a preferred oil for drivers who live in colder or hotter climates, as it can withstand changes in temperature more than other kinds of oil.

Synthetic Blend Oil

A hybrid synthetic and conventional oil may also be ideal for your car. A synthetic blend oil will give you fully synthetic oil's protective and performance-enhancing characteristics, but it also costs less than a true synthetic. A synthetic blend oil uses base oils that combine conventional and synthetic oils. This combination helps the oil resist engine damage and changes in viscosity at lower temperatures. If you use a synthetic blend oil, you may find that it's easier to transition to a fully synthetic oil later on.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is one of the oldest types of oil available for a vehicle. Conventional oil is designed to work with older engines. It is ideal for vehicles that do not necessarily emphasize performance, such as light-duty commercial trucks and pickup trucks. Conventional oil is also a top choice for cars with lower mileage.

High Mileage Motor Oil

In contrast, high mileage motor oil is ideal for vehicles more advanced in mileage and age. High mileage motor oil is specifically formulated for cars that have 75,000 miles or more on the odometer. High mileage oil protects older cars from burning and leaking oil.

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