Airbag Fault

Your airbag should engage when you get into your vehicle and start it up. If the indicator light is on and doesn't go off, you should have your airbag system inspected.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

An oil pressure issue can be damaging to your engine. If your indicator light is on, check your oil level. If everything seems ok with the level of oil in your engine, have a professional check the system to see what else might be going on.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

Having just the right amount of air in your tires will allow your vehicle to properly grip the road. If you are alerted of improper air pressure in one or more wheels and adjusting it doesn't help, you'll need to have your sensors checked.

Charging System Warning Light

A number of wiring issues can lead to a warning light going on for your charging system. Having your battery and fan belts checked can determine what's going on.

Open Door Warning Light

An open trunk lid or door will result in an indicator light going on until the problem is resolved.

Low Fuel Level Warning Light

If you aren't in the habit of checking your fuel level each time you get behind the wheel, your vehicle will let you know that it's time to fill up when your tank is low.

Service Vehicle Soon

This indicator is just a friendly reminder that it's time to get your Chevy some routine maintenance. This maintenance helps keep your vehicle running smoothly. The indicator can be reset once you've gotten your service performed.

Slip Indicator

Your Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control systems will turn on when you're on a slick road or lose control. There is a dashboard indicator light that turns on to let you know these systems are functioning at that point in time.

Brake System

Don't ignore the indicator light that is telling you something is amiss with your brakes. You may feel like you still have full brake function, but you don't want to let this problem go ignored.

Coolant Level Warning

Your coolant levels are important when it comes to preventing your engine from overheating. Pull over right away to get help with your vehicle. If you keep driving your vehicle, you could cause permanent damage to your engine that cannot be repaired.