It's important to address any suspicious smells from your car. These are some signs that should not be ignored. They can be indicators of something that needs replacement or an issue that needs to be addressed.

Here, we happily share some of the most common odors in your car and what message they might be sending.

Burned Rubber

A lousy scent of a burned rubber in your car's cabin is due to various causes. One culprit and the most common one is friction from the drive belt. A burning rubber smell may also be caused by leaking oil coming in contact with the hot engine.

Burned Carpet

With burned carpet smells, the problem is usually caused by the brakes. When you use the brakes extensively, you are likely to face overheating. The brake pads are the ones that overheat, thus causing the bad smell. It's crucial to bring your vehicle to a mechanic for a checkup or have the brake pads replaced.

Gym Clothes

When you detect this type of smell, it's typically due to the A/C system. Mildew has grown on the air conditioning evaporator. You can solve this by turning off the A/C and letting the fan run to dry the system out.


When you have leaking coolant fluid in your car, you are likely to smell a syrup-like scent. The smell is most apparent while the car is running or a few moments after turning it off. This leak may emanate from several sources. The cylinder head, the intake manifold gasket or even the radiator hose could be the root causes.

Rotten Eggs or Sulfur

When your car is running, and you notice a smell of sulfur, a likely cause is the hydrogen sulfide in the car's exhaust system. The scent is usually created by tiny amounts of sulfur in your vehicle's gasoline that is not converted to sulfur dioxide as it should be. Bring your car to our service center as soon as possible to get this inspected.

Our certified technicians are well-trained and highly knowledgeable in addressing your automotive needs. If your car continues to produce unusual scents, contact us for an appointment or visit us at our Chevrolet dealership in Decatur today.


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