Keeping up with regular maintenance and services is an essential aspect of car ownership. If your automobile is making strange sounds, it's especially critical to have a professional take a look. Here are some common noises that cars make and what they mean.

Engine Clicking

If your car's valve train is on the fritz, it'll cause your engine to click. Some internal problems could be a failing pump or insufficient oil pressure. Be sure to check the engine dipstick to see if the oil level is too low. If that is the case, add oil to restore its proper levels. The easier it is to pinpoint the issue, the easier it'll be to fix your mechanical system.

Brakes Squeaking

When brakes squeak, it's usually because the brake pads are worn out. Most brake pads are designed to make this sound when they're no longer efficient, so you shouldn't be alarmed if they begin squealing as you come to a stop. However, it is important to have our service experts address this issue with an inspection and the necessary replacements to keep your car reliable.

Engine Rattling

Various issues can yield a rattling engine sound. An old, loose, or misaligned timing belt can give rise to engine problems. As well as issues with improper ignition, known as pre-ignition or pre-detonation. This condition is caused by air and fuel mixture in the engine cylinder prematurely igniting by the heat of compression. If you hear the engine rattling, seek professional auto service immediately.

Engine Squealing

In addition to being bothersome, squeaky engines are also a cause for concern. Taking a look at the serpentine belt will give you a better idea of what the issue is. If the serpentine belt or accessory belt looks worn or loose, it can cause this squealing sound and wreak havoc on the engine.

Hood Knocking

Have you noticed a tapping or knocking sound coming from under your hood? If so, it's likely due to low-quality gasoline. When refueling your car, be sure to use fuel grade recommended for your specific make and model. 

To keep you and the roads safe, we encourage all drivers to seek professional assistance if you notice any of the above sounds. Visit Miles Chevrolet today for a proper diagnosing and servicing.


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