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When you own your Chevrolet, you will inevitably find that problems arise that affect the vehicle's performance. One problem that may occur is poor acceleration. When you step on the gas pedal, your car should respond instantly, regardless of the car's engine or its power output. When there's a delay after you hit the gas pedal, something may be wrong with the engine or the mechanical system. If you want to do some preliminary troubleshooting on your own to try to pinpoint the issue, consider these possible common problems.

Dirty Oxygen Sensor or Mass Air Flow Sensor

There are two sensors in the engine that help it perform properly. If one or both of these sensors gets dirty and can't work correctly, your car may not be able to accelerate as rapidly or as powerfully as it usually can. The oxygen sensor is one of two sensors that may become dirty and affect acceleration. If the oxygen sensor is contaminated, it won't monitor the air and fuel mixture in your car. In turn, the vehicle's performance is impaired, and you may notice a drop in fuel economy, too. The mass airflow sensor is another part that can get contaminated and cause your car to accelerate slower than normal.

Malfunctioning Throttle Position Sensor

Another common cause for acceleration problems is an issue with the throttle position sensor. The throttle position sensor, called the TPS, keeps the table on the opening angle in the engine throttle valve. The sensor relays information about the opening angle to a computer system in the engine. If the sensor can't determine the opening angle, the engine won't perform as well as it should, which interferes with acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Clogged Fuel Filter

A clog in the fuel filter can also reduce your vehicle's ability to accelerate properly. The fuel filter is part of the engine. The fuel filter is one part that should be replaced or checked regularly to make sure it is not clogged with engine contaminants. If the fuel filter is filled with debris such as dust and dirt, it won't allow enough clean fuel into the fuel lines, which causes poor engine and transmission performance.

Dirty Air Filter

Air filters in the engine also need to be checked and cleaned regularly for proper performance. The air filters help sufficient volumes of air into the engine to produce the right air and fuel mixture. The air filter won't be able to regulate this ratio if it is contaminated.

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