2020 Chevy Malibu Rear Exterior

Have you noticed that your car has started shaking? This can happen suddenly and be very alarming to drivers. Considering the shaking can have many different causes, this is not something that should ever be ignored. Learn more about why your vehicle may be shaking, and then get in touch with the service team at Miles Chevrolet to get it fixed.


Sometimes, tires that are not adequately inflated are the cause of the vehicle shake. This is a quick and simple fix. If you find that the tires are at the right PSI, that does not necessarily mean they are not to blame. Tires can cause vehicle shaking if they are not properly tightened, balanced, or aligned.


The wheels themselves can be an issue as well. If you notice vibration coming through your steering wheel, this may indicate your wheels have sustained damage. This is one of the more hazardous causes of car shaking and should be addressed immediately.


No one wants to hear that anything has gone wrong with their engine, but vehicle shaking can originate here as well. It does not necessarily need an elaborate fix, however. Replacing the spark plugs or air filter may be all that is needed to solve the problem.


When either of your axles gets bent or dented, the result can be vehicle shake. Even minor "fender-bender" type accidents have the potential to cause damage to one or both of your axles. Our team can examine the CV joints and driveshaft as well in our inspection to see if they are causing the problem.


Brake maintenance is important for many reasons. When brake pads start to wear out, they may cause your vehicle to shake. Not sure if this is the issue? Your owner's manual will tell you how often to replace your brake pads, although your driving habits can have an impact. Ultimately, a professional inspection is the best way to decide if brake pad replacement is needed.

Determine the cause of your car shake, as well as how to get it fixed, by contacting our service center here in Decatur today.


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