Chevrolet Awarded $165,000 in Scholarships to 2022 HBCU Marketing and Journalism Interns  

Chevy awarded $165,000 worth of scholarships to 11 HBCU students. It is part of its Discover the Unexpected internship program.

The 10-week internship is in its sixth year. The course allows students to enter junior roles in journalism and automotive media. It provides them with real-world experience as they enter into their careers. The program gives students an opportunity. They can explore different areas of the automotive industry, from marketing and public relations to engineering and design. The scholarship recipients were chosen from a pool of talented and ambitious students. They all participated in the program. It includes students from schools such as Howard and Clark Atlanta University. Chevy's Discover the Unexpected program provides opportunity. It is one of the many ways the company is committed to diversity and inclusion. It is also an essential part of Chevy's overall strategy. The automaker will continue to invest in education. Programs like this encourage and support diversity in the automotive industry.

HBCU Interns Get A Chance to Succeed

Chevrolet is honored to continue their partnership. It is with the National Newspaper Publishers Association for the DTU program.

This year's group includes five students. They are working within GM's media department.

It also includes six students placed in journalism roles at NNPA publications. The DTU program provides HBCU students with personal and professional growth opportunities. We are excited to see the work that this year's participants produce.

The fellows impacted the team as they worked through new experiences. It included working with corporations, virtual environments, and time management skills. Their skills and dedication impressed the Chevy Marketing team.

The automaker is grateful for their contributions. In the end, the fellows' experiences on the team gave them the skills and knowledge. They can advocate for electric vehicles in their communities.

The internship program provides students with the opportunity to work within the company. They can learn about various aspects of the business. A group of students who interned for GM created content and stories about the Chevy Bolt EUV. They also wrote about EV adoption and electrification in the auto industry. Participants worked within NNPA publications. They learned the importance of bridging the gap between new-age and traditional journalism. It was an important task, as the number of electric vehicles on the road will increase in the coming years. These interns will help to ensure that the public is accurately informed. They will understand the benefits of electrification and the potential for EV adoption.

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